PRECITECHNIQUE is one of the last suppliers of metal cans for the transistor industry, its expertise begins in :

  • standard transistor eyelets TO5, TO18 made of kovar for the glass to metal seal industry
  • standard transistor cans TO5, TO18, TO8, TO66 and TO3 made of pre or post-nickel plated CRS
  • cans to opto electronic industry made of FN42, FN52
  • battery rings, non magnetic tubes, inserts, caps made of any deep drawn raw material for various industries…

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PRECITECHNIQUE is the world-wide leader in the deep drawing of actuator caps for perfumery pumps :

  • actuator caps for perfumery pumps made of aluminium 5657 or 5005
  • ferrules for pharmacy pumps made of aluminium 8011, varnish 3105 or 5657

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PRECITECHNIQUE is ISO / TS 16949 certified automotive supplier :

  • cups and thermostat valves
  • non magnetic tubes made of stainless steel 305 for electrovalve
  • inserts made of zinc coated steel
  • caps for regulator made of electroless nickel plated steel
  • various technical parts for OEMs

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